The significance of using the right paint and colour

Buildings and houses are the strongholds where we take refuge from the scorching sun or belting rain. It is not a big deal until someone finds themselves locked outside and they have no place to sleep. It is at times like that people realize the comfort we are accustomed to in our homes which we hardly reflect upon. Home is where families are built and keeping it bright and full of colours is important as what people see gets deep in their subconscious and living in a bright and colourful atmosphere livens up the spirit. This is one of the main reasons houses are painted to provide a happy atmosphere to live in as different colours trigger different emotions. This is not the only reasons why houses are painted.
Painting houses protects the building from nature’s wear and tear. If a building is not painted, during the rainy seasons the building will start to absorb water and algae will start to form on the surface making the building slippery and wet. Painting the surfaces prevents water from seeping in and hence a building protected from water. Houses and buildings are painted soon after the construction is complete and usually the owners choose what colour to be painted. Though for a professional finish the job is given to painters, there are certain painting tools which one can have at home at all times. Someday it will surely be of great value when you need to do a little patch-up work. The paint roller is a new supplement to the paint brush which existed and is much easier and efficient to paint. Paint is uniformly spread over the surface using the roller and the handle helps to reach a difficult place which is difficult using paint brushes.
People today want to have a variety of colours for a single room. Some modern houses paint one face of the room with an extravagant design and paint the rest of the sides of the room with a plain colour. Paints are usually pigments which are mixed with a medium to produce the sticky substance known as paint. The pigments are usually chemicals but a host of pigments are obtained from nature itself like clay. The medium in some cases are water and others use a mixture of chemicals and oils to bring about the right texture. Paint has evolved in a tremendous way that we even get paint that shimmers in the light. This kind of paint is known as metallic paints which seems to have lustred once it is painted on surfaces. The paints come in a number of metallic colours and using the metallic paints sparingly along with normal paints can put forth an elegant look. If you feel that the house or room can be painted by you, go ahead and give yourself a try. Read the exact amount of paint to be used and get your hands on the painting a masterpiece.

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