Use Danish Oil for Hard-Wearing Finish

Being in the furniture industry is not easy. Competition is getting tougher and if you cannot come up with creative and quality designs, you will not be able to get a higher market share in the market. In producing furniture pieces made of wood, you have to use certain products like the Danish oil in order to provide a hard wearing finish.

Before, wood makers and furniture produces would use varnish products. But then the problem with a varnish is that it can easily fade off. With the use of the Danish oil, you get to use it both as a finish and as a primer. The Danish oil can be really useful for you to get an all natural look for your furniture products.

Of course, you would want your customers and clients to appreciate the over-all aesthetics of your items. In this aspect, you need to use the Danish oil. This oil is a wood finish oil which can give you a better finished coating that it not glossy or slippery. The Danish oil is made of tung oil or polymerizedlinseed oil.

With the use of the Danish oil, you can have a more natural finish. Without the Danish oil, you might end up using a varnish which is not sufficient for a hard wearing finish. Although there are other primer or finish products that you can use, Danish oil is still the best option. The Danish oil is also suitable for tool handles. This allows your products to have stronger resistance to different weather conditions.

Coverage of a Danish oil

When you use the Danish oil, you get to have a satin finish and you can have a coverage of about 12.5 sqm/l which is about 600 sq. ft/ gallon. You can apply the Danish oil three times. The good thing about using this kind of oil can be used either with a brush or a cloth. You can just wipe off the excess oil after the application. In using the Danish oil, you can just leave the finish to dry around 24 hours.

Danish Oil