Keep Wood beautiful: Minwax Stains

Wood works are beautiful. Being easy to work with and carve, many artists select wood as a medium of expression. It is an apt material that can be used to create art and other DIY home projects. It is used for traditional and contemporary styles of sculpture, furniture, decoration and craft. It is of great use for Cabinets, doors, furniture and musical instruments. What makes woodwork all the more valuable, is its durability. A piece of work in wood is considered to be more important when it can last long enough to be appreciated by the future generations. But one cannot guarantee its longevity, since wood is prone to water rot, dry rot, fire, fade and insect infestation.

Wood Stains are a blessing in disguise. They provide beautiful colors, finishes and proper protection to your wood surfaces. They help bring your wood composition to life, accentuating the grain and texture of the wooden surface. Wood stains are designed to provide a decorative finish to bring forth the essence of your wood work, whilst protecting the wooden surfaces. Minwax keeps the wood beautiful. It provides the best of wood stains to ensure you have the right product to beautify your woodwork. Keeping wood beautiful at homes and public buildings are important. As a leading American brand that deals with wood finishing and wood care products, Minwax offers you with products from wood staining to protection to maintenance.

It all began way back in early 90’s, when Arthur B. Harrison was testing materials in New York City to keep the air’s moisture out of homes and buildings. These materials were water-proof and damp-resistant. Mr. Harrison’s early innovations heralded the Minwax enterprise, which in due course of time turned out to be what we claim as ‘The Rolls Royce’ of wood finishing products. Architects recommend our formula for floors and woodwork in public buildings and homes as they are anti-slippery.

Minwax range of stains includes the Oil-based Stain, Water-based Stain and Gel-based Stain.

The Oil-based stain penetrates deep into the pores of the wood to seal and protect its beauty. This makes the color long-lasting and protects the quality of the wood. They give an even finish, providing promising durability and enabling easy maintenance. We have a variety of wood tones to suit every tone of your choice making it ideal for staining doors, cabinets, furniture, moldings and hardwood floors.

Water-based stains allow fast and easy application on unfinished wood, ensuring bold and rich color results. They are fast drying and have low odor and allow for a quick fix. The best bargain with our water-based stain is, it prevents the trapping of water by allowing passage of air, thereby preventing decay. They permit easy cleaning with soap and water. We have a range of traditional and contemporary color to suit your decorative need.

The Gel-based Stains are a unique revolutionary non-drip formula that ensures glorious results. Their easy application, which allows uniform finish, is the best for vertical surfaces. They can also be applied to non wood surfaces to give an astonishing wood appearance.

You can always turn to Minwax to give you the rich color coupled with durable protection.


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