Features of Drylok Paints

In painting different surfaces like cinder and concrete blocks, masonry walls, stonewalls, basements and foundation, you need to make sure that you purchase a different kind of paint product to help you with your painting task. Nowadays, weather conditions can be really harsh. As such, you need to use latex base Drylok paints to help you carry out your painting tasks.

Get to Know More About Drylok

The Latex Base Drylok Masonry Waterproofer is ideal for interior and exterior projects. With Drylok paint products, there is no need for pre-mixing or pre-wetting. Drylok is known to produce quality paints for residential and commercial use. If you want to get the best result, you should definitely get any of these Drylok paint products offered in the market.

Features of Drylok Paint

Firstly, Drylok paint is ready mixed and it has a low odor formula. Many construction workers especially those who are involved in the tasks of painting or repainting certain surfaces have to deal with the strong chemical odor of paints. Not only does this affect the work of other people but it has negative health repercussions. With Drylok paint, you are assured of a low odor formula which helps your painting work much easier.

Drylok can also be applied easily using a good brush or a roller. You just have to use the right roller with the right nap length size to be able to paint a specific surface. The brand also complies with all current VOCs. In terms of color variations, there are ready mixed colors to choose from.

Another feature of the Drylok is that it has a breathable film. This only means that it does not trap the moisture. This particular paint product is widely used in masonry. In terms of warranty, Drylok paint can give you a ten year warranty.

Once you have finished your painting tasks, the problem now is the cleaning up part. The good thing about this brand is that you can easily clean up with soap and water.

Where to Buy Drylok

Since the brand is widely popular, you will no longer have a hard time searching for a certified seller or distributor. There are even online sellers offering Drylok paints over the Internet.