Faux Finishes, Glazes and Other Options Available To You

For those interested in a few faux finishes, there are many different options on the market. The term “faux” simply means that you will be creating something unique without actually using the specific materials commonly associated with it. For example, a faux brick wall is either painted or created using a stencil, rather than using real bricks. Many of the faux looks you see on walls in homes or places of business can be created by you. You will want to know a few of the products that you need to use to create these looks. Take a look at some of your options here.
Glazing Paint
One option you have to create a unique faux painting project is to use a glazing product. Glazing paint can be used without having to be mixed. It can be used on your walls, ceilings, and some other materials like woods. It works well for both furniture projects and crafting. When used, glazing paint gives several affects. You can use it to create a distressed wood, a lime wash, a sand like texture or even a metallic finish.
Tintable Glaze
As the name implies, this product is able to be colored. To be more specific, this product allows you to paint over the top of any other color since it is translucent. The end result is that the finished piece of work has a multi dimensional look to it. This is a nice option for virtually any application.
Crackle Paste
This product is commonly sold as “aging glaze.” It can give an excellent old world look to something. It adds that rustic and antique look. This often helps the object to look like it is an older, cracked oil varnish. You can use it on top of many painted surfaces. For example, to finish off the look of a room, use crackle paste over the wood framing of the windows to help give it an aged look. It can also be used on furniture, trim, lamps and much more.
This product is needed to add a finished look to a space. For example, it goes on clear, while allowing the color and texture of the painted wall underneath to come through. But, it offers a lot of protection to the display. This is a good option for those who want to have their artwork protected. You can find products that offer an ultra flat finish, too. It can be used on walls and virtually over any other faux painting project.
These are just some of the options you have for interior painting. You may find that there are many more options to select from too, all available to help you to complete your look.
Paint Colors offers Faux Finishes,Glazes

Paint Colors offers Faux Finishes,Glazes