Keep Wood beautiful: Minwax Stains

Wood works are beautiful. Being easy to work with and carve, many artists select wood as a medium of expression. It is an apt material that can be used to create art and other DIY home projects. It is used for traditional and contemporary styles of sculpture, furniture, decoration and craft. It is of great use for Cabinets, doors, furniture and musical instruments. What makes woodwork all the more valuable, is its durability. A piece of work in wood is considered to be more important when it can last long enough to be appreciated by the future generations. But one cannot guarantee its longevity, since wood is prone to water rot, dry rot, fire, fade and insect infestation.

Wood Stains are a blessing in disguise. They provide beautiful colors, finishes and proper protection to your wood surfaces. They help bring your wood composition to life, accentuating the grain and texture of the wooden surface. Wood stains are designed to provide a decorative finish to bring forth the essence of your wood work, whilst protecting the wooden surfaces. Minwax keeps the wood beautiful. It provides the best of wood stains to ensure you have the right product to beautify your woodwork. Keeping wood beautiful at homes and public buildings are important. As a leading American brand that deals with wood finishing and wood care products, Minwax offers you with products from wood staining to protection to maintenance.

It all began way back in early 90’s, when Arthur B. Harrison was testing materials in New York City to keep the air’s moisture out of homes and buildings. These materials were water-proof and damp-resistant. Mr. Harrison’s early innovations heralded the Minwax enterprise, which in due course of time turned out to be what we claim as ‘The Rolls Royce’ of wood finishing products. Architects recommend our formula for floors and woodwork in public buildings and homes as they are anti-slippery.

Minwax range of stains includes the Oil-based Stain, Water-based Stain and Gel-based Stain.

The Oil-based stain penetrates deep into the pores of the wood to seal and protect its beauty. This makes the color long-lasting and protects the quality of the wood. They give an even finish, providing promising durability and enabling easy maintenance. We have a variety of wood tones to suit every tone of your choice making it ideal for staining doors, cabinets, furniture, moldings and hardwood floors.

Water-based stains allow fast and easy application on unfinished wood, ensuring bold and rich color results. They are fast drying and have low odor and allow for a quick fix. The best bargain with our water-based stain is, it prevents the trapping of water by allowing passage of air, thereby preventing decay. They permit easy cleaning with soap and water. We have a range of traditional and contemporary color to suit your decorative need.

The Gel-based Stains are a unique revolutionary non-drip formula that ensures glorious results. Their easy application, which allows uniform finish, is the best for vertical surfaces. They can also be applied to non wood surfaces to give an astonishing wood appearance.

You can always turn to Minwax to give you the rich color coupled with durable protection.


Paint Colors-Minwax

Spray painting: For flawless painting of your house

When you are thinking to profligate your home with fixtures, furniture, and furnishings of premier quality, it is essential to paint your house using the best paint, painting method, and materials. Nowadays, people are putting much effort with the way they paint their walls since the general aesthetics of the home is commonly based on the structural features including the walls.

Apart from the conservative painting, with brushes as the main tool, spray painting is now universally recognized by most home owners. Spray painting using a spray gun, is a more progressive method of paint application, whereby a measured stream of paint is directed onto a surface in the form of a fine mist. Apart from the handiness that it brings with regards to its utilization, spray painting is also considered a cost-effective means of painting the home. Spraying has enabled the production of artificial resins giving us high durability and fast drying coatings.

Different types of sprayers are available to facilitate you to carry out specific custom paint jobs with excellent results swiftly and professionally. Your selection will be determined by the surfaces you want to paint as well as its coverage area:

• Air Sprayers: Ideal for small projects, medium interiors and exteriors
• Airless Sprayers: Large interiors and exteriors
• Cup Sprayers: small projects, hobby projects, touch-up jobs
• HVLP (High volume, low pressure) Sprayers: detailed work, small assignments

The overall outcome of your painting project is not completely dependent on the kind of paint you use. More so, if you are using the spray painting technology, you also need to consider the materials used. One of the most vital elements in this type of painting is the spray nozzles. All spray nozzles can work successfully and competently as long as they are new. But just like any material, they are also subjected to the common deterioration.

Spray painting has many benefits over brush application. It is approximately 5 times faster than brush application. There are no brush marks, which makes the finish more abrasion resistance and friction free because of its lack of ridges. It gives easier access and more complete coverage on challenging surfaces such as rivets, bolt-heads, wire mesh etc. It also enables more decorative effects such as blending and shading by the gradual fading of one color into another.

Many home decorators and renovators simply assume that spray painting can be used for any project. This is not the case. It is best for smooth surfaces where other possibilities like brushes and rollers leave a sub-standard effect. It gives brilliant results when used for external painting jobs specifically for garage doors, external metal doors, frames, metal equipment etc.

There is a lot of provision work that goes in before using the spray paint. Everything that is not to be painted has to safeguarded with masking tape, tarp etc. You need to make sure that all furniture, windows and floors are properly protected. There is no leeway here and no margin for error. Painting with a spray paint can be fun and easy provided you use the right tool.

Spray Paint

Use Modern Masters Metallic Paint

Living in a well decorated and nicely made house is definitely a must. When you finally have your own house, you would definitely invest in quality furniture pieces, accessories, house items and even in the right paint products to use. In fact, homeowners would also want to have nice walls and ceilings. If you want to make your house more vibrant, you can use modern masters metallic paint. Instead of just having a bare concrete finish which can be really dull, you can use any of these modern masters metallic paint to beautify your house.

Why Use Modern Masters Metallic Paint

Solid paints are widely used both in residential and commercial establishments. For some, this is the most popular choice. But if you want to be more creative and unique, you can actually choose modern masters metallic paint. Solid paint is the standard kind of paint. On the other hand, modern masters metallic paint offers different kinds of finish.

Modern masters metallic paint includes mica-colors latex paints. When you use these modern masters metallic paint, you get to have a glowing finish on a particular surface. If you will use this kind paint, you can have better finish on your walls and on your ceilings.

Aside from interior surfaces, you can also use modern masters metallic paint for your different furniture items. This kind of paint allows you to be more creative.

Cost of Metallic Paint

In buying these paint products, the main concern of most customers and clients would be the price of using metallic paint. Compare to the ordinary paint products, the cost of modern masters metallic paint is more expensive. However, if you are going to consider the kind of finish that you can get from using a metallic paint, this kind of product is definitely a value for money.

Modern Masters Metallic Paint

Zar Polyurethane for Exterior Wood Surfaces

In construction, mere establishment of structures is not enough. The exterior and interior design has to be in place to ensure that the structure is strong but at the same time visually appealing. However, compare to the interior of any structure or establishment, the exterior is prone to different natural conditions.

When most of the materials are made of wood, you should ensure that you use a special product that can help you have absolute protection. The best product that you can use is the Zar Polyurethane.

Use Zar Polyurethane

The exterior of any structure is heavily exposed to different natural conditions. When the weather seems to drastically change as years pass by, you need to use a product that can give you a hard wearing finish for exterior wood surface. Just imagine if you will just let any wood material exposed to rain, dust, direct exposure to sunlight, etc. The over-all quality of the wood will definitely diminish. But with the use of Zar Polyurethane, you can give protection one exterior wood surfaces.

Where to Use Zar Polyurethane

Zar Polyurethane can be used on siding, patio furniture, fiberglass and metal. Now, many homeowners have outdoor facilities depending on their preferences. They will no longer have to think of the natural conditions since there is the Zar Polyurethane. This product contains radiation absorbers against damaging ultra-violet rays. When you use the Zar Polyurethane, you can have a long lasting marine finish.

Purchase Zar Polyurethane

The brand is widely known among customers and clients. In buying this product, you will not have any difficulty in buying the products that you need. If you want to avoid the hassle of shopping for these items directly in stores, you might want to buy the Zar Polyurethane products over the Internet. You just have to make sure that you only purchase original and high quality Zar Polyurethane products.

Zar Polyurethane

Products Offered by Modern Masters Paint

The need to further elevate the aesthetic value and properties of various interior and exterior projects has resulted to the development and discovery of various paint products and special primers in the market. With so many brands and kinds of paint products now made offered, you might have some difficulty in choosing the best product.

But with Modern Masters Paint, you will never go wrong. The brand has long established its name as one of the leading paint brands in the market. The Modern Masters Paint offers a wide variety of products for your different painting projects.

Quality Paint Products from Modern Masters Paint

The brand is known to provide quality paint products that can produce beautiful metal finishes. The Modern Masters Paint makes use of the modern day paint technology which helps customers and clients produce the best results.

Modern Masters Paint: Metallic Paint Collection

Using the ordinary latex paint will render you simple painting tasks. But if you want to have a surface to appear more elegant and to have beautiful shimmering effect, you can use the metallic paint collection offered by Modern Masters Paint. In using this kind of paint, there is no need to have any special skills just to apply the paint product.

Buy Modern Masters Paint Online

With the popular Modern Masters Paint product line, it is easy to find these products in all stores and home depot. You can just access several online selling sites offering a wide variety of paint products and paint solutions for various painting tasks. Shopping online has never been so easy and convenient. Instead of spending time in going to stores, you can just look for the items that you need in these so called virtual stores. The product description along with the other details are all posted on the site to help customers and clients get to know more about the different Modern Masters Paint products being offered.

Modern Masters Paint

Minwax Wood Stains for Various Wood Surfaces

In any house or building, you will often find materials and objects made of wood. When you go to hotel and resorts, you will notice that furniture items and other accessories are unique and quite exquisite. Furniture designers especially those who specialize in creating nice furniture pieces made of wood would use certain products to bring out the natural quality of the wood.

Leaving it as it is without using any products like Minwax Wood Stains can render it boring and unappealing. Just imagine a lobby or a room where there are plenty of furniture items made of wood and all of them are bare. There are no colors and there no finishing touches.

Use Minwax Wood Stains for Wood Surfaces

To bring out the natural beauty of these wood materials, there are specific products that have to be used. One of the most sought after brand is the Minwax Wood Stains. When you read various product reviews and product ratings online, you get to see the positive comments and feedback given by previous customers who purchased Minwax Wood Stains.

Using Minwax Wood Stains enables you to give a hard wearing finish for various materials made of wood. Apart from giving a protective finish, you can easily bring out the natural beauty of these items by applying the Minwax Wood Stains. This product is very easy to use since there is no need to mix it with other solutions to. You can use it directly to any wood surface that needs finishing.

Buy Minwax Wood Stains Now

In buying Minwax Wood Stains, you can go to any home depot or shop. Minwax Wood Stains is widely popular to many customers because of its efficacy and quality. When you purchase Minwax Wood Stains, you will definitely get worth of your money.

Minwax Wood Stains

How to Choose Among the Best Metallic Paint Colors

Using a solid paint is not enough especially if you want to enhance the contours. No wonder there are many people who prefer to use different metallic paint colors. This kind of paint is very much different from the non-metallic paint. This special paint also known as the metal flake paint allows you to have that sparkling effect and to reveal the contours of a certain surface.

Before you choose any of these metallic paint colors being offered in the market, you need to know the different variations of the metallic paint. The first one is the pearlescent paint. This particular paint allows you to have color changes depending on the angle. When you use the pearlescent paint, you get to flip colors radically. The other variation is called flamboyant.

Choosing the Right Metallic Paint Colors

With so many metallic paint colors available, you can freely choose whichever you like. Your choice will just depend on your preference and your other considerations. But just make sure that you pick the right color. Some people would tend to go for the most vibrant metallic paint colors. Although there is really nothing wrong in choosing highly vibrant metallic paint colors, you should also consider how your choice would affect the over-all appeal of any surface. Some metallic paint colors may appear to be too flashy which is not pleasant to look at. Getting the right combination of colors is very essential.

Where to Buy Metallic Paint

In buying metallic paint colors, you can just go to any store near you. With the use of color swatches, you will not have any difficulty among the different metallic paint colors. You can also purchase metallic paint colors from various online selling sites. It is just important for you to find a credible and reliable online seller. For bulk orders, you can also find an international seller offering metallic paint products at competitive prices.

Metallic Paint Colors

Minwax Polycrylic for Protective Finish

An object or a material made of wood without finishing touch can be really bare and dull. For commercial establishments where you need to provide quality service to your customers, you have to make sure that every detail in your establishment appears pleasant to their eyes. The furniture pieces, the accessories, etc. have to be attractive. With so many products that you can use, you can purchase the Minwax Polycrylic which can help you bring out the natural beauty of these wood materials and at the same time give a protective finish.

Why Choose Minwax Polycrylic?

Minwax Polycrylic is a well known brand not just among individuals but even to clients using it for commercial purposes. With the Minwax Polycrylic, you get to have a fast setting protective finish on interior wood surfaces. Unlike other brands being offered in the market, the Minwax Polycrylic provides a crystal clear finish. You can easily use this product in various furniture items, doors, cabinets, paneling and a whole lot more.

Minwax Polycrylic can provide you a protective finish to various wood surfaces to avoid any damage from abrasion, scuffing, etc. However, this product cannot be used on floors. The Minwax Polycrylic is specifically formulated and created for indoor wood surfaces.

Other Features of Minwax Polycrylic

Minwax Polycrylic can also be used with bare wood and even to oil-based stains. This product also has less odor formula compare to other brands. Nowadays, many people complain regarding the strong chemical odor of most paint products and primers. For consumers who are using the Minwax Polycrylic, they will not have any problem. This product is also very easy to clean and to use. You can just use it with soap and water. Once you have used this product, you can recoat any surface in about two hours.

Minwax Polycrylic

Easy and Fast Setting with Drylok Paint

When using a particular waterproof formula product, the usual problem that most people encounter is that it takes quite some time for the product to set in and to dry. For many consumers, they do not want to waste any time waiting for the paint to finally set in and dry. After all, there are other brands that can provide fast and easy setting applications in just a matter of minutes. One of the best brands widely used by customers in the market is the Easy and Fast Setting with Drylok Paint.

When many homeowners experience problems with their masonry walls, cinder blocks, stonewalls, basements and foundation, they would really want to use a product like the Drylok Paint to have fast and easy application. Drylok Paint is known for its quality water clean-up formula for various interior and exterior projects.

Advantages of Using Drylok Paint

In using Drylok Paint, customers can definitely have several advantages. For one, there is no need for pre-mixing. The Drylok Paint can be directly used as it is. There is also no pre-wetting necessary. Unlike other brands, Drylok Paint has a low odor formula. This allows users to avoid any strong chemical odor which is also dangerous to health.

In using the Drylok Paint, you are assured that it can withstand 10 pounds of hydrostatic pressure and it does not trap moisture in masonry. You will not have any difficulty in applying the Drylok Paint since you can just use either a brush or a roller.

Where to Purchase Drylok Paint

There are several online selling sites offering Drylok Paint. Just make sure that you purchase from a reliable site known to provide a wide variety of products from Drylok. Apart from the Latex Base Drylok Masonry Waterproofer, the brand also offers a wide variety of products for various needs.

Drylok Paint

Furniture Polish Using Zar Stain

Owning a brand new house will require you to have additional embellishments like furniture items, house accessories and a whole lot more. The interior of the house is equally important as those of the exterior. As such, after making the cabinets, floors, partitions and doors, you might want to use the Zar Stain for a much better wood polish.

Without using any product like the Zar Stain, these wood materials will appear too dull. Using a varnish is good but if you want to further enrich the natural appeal and the color of the material then it is strongly suggested that you use one of the best furniture polishing products like the Zar Stain.

Zar Stain Brings Out the Natural Beauty

When you have many objects and items at home that are made of wood like furniture pieces, antique items, floors, etc., you would want to bring out the natural beauty of these woodworks. You will not be able to do that without using the Zar Stain. This particular product can help you in so many ways. Apart from serving as a natural polish, it can also bring out the natural features of any wood material. When you use the Zar Stain, you can definitely elevate these furniture pieces higher.

Advantages of Using Zar Stain

Since there are many homeowners and even enterprises that have various materials made of wood, the Zar Stain continues to become widely popular. But apart from the demand for this kind of product, Zar Stain is also known for its quality and its features. Customers and clients get different benefits when they use Zar Stain. No wonder this brand continues to be one of the bestselling products out there.

With the Zar Stain, you get to have to so-called controlled penetration. Not only do you provide a good finish, you can also add uniform color to any wood. Applying the Zar Stain is very easy since you can wipe it on top of the surface to produce the right color that you want. It does not leave any mark or streak making any surface or object neat and clean.

Apart from materials made of wood, Zar Stain can also be used for metals or other previously varnished surfaces. This is also an ideal stain for fiberglass, steel or Masonite doors.

Zar Stain